When i first saw this question, i wondered, are you constantly getting confused between getting your girl friends into your girlfriend?
Then let me tell you some good things.
So as per the question i’ll use “girlfriend” for a relationship girlfriend and  “girl friend” for a common female friend.
Inspite of a fine perimeter of your girl-friend, It’s perfectly fine to flirt with her as long as you both are single, But don’t jump the line, don’t simply expect her to become your girlfriend else you can’t continue her friendship, If she chose that way then let it be that way just enjoy the friendship.
For girls a boy-  friend is some one she will complain about her boyfriend to. She’ll tell stuff she won’t be telling her boyfriend. And many times boy you’re a dude who helps her with her current relation anxieties or after break up phase.  And beware she may use your name to make her boyfriend really jealous.
Similarly for guys a girl friend is someone they’ll be asking relationship advice, and honestly she’s the girl who teaches you how to be a gentleman, so that you get girls appreciating what a person you are.  They will help you understand your potential girlfriend’s behavior in times when she is incomprehensible and you just don’t know why the what is happening between you.
She can advertise you among her peers and you’ll have a solid fan following among girls if you focus on improving relations with your girl friends. And who knows she can help you get a girlfriend.
But note here that you can’t just go and tell “her hey find a girlfriend”. Once you win her friendship she’ll do it for you. It’s in their very nature.
You can have only one girlfriend and she’ll steal your time that you would spend with your girl friends. Where as you can have unlimited girl friends, and the number only grows. Yes its a self expansionary thing. More girls in your friend circle, chances are you will meet more very soon.
Lastly your girl friend/ boy friend has longevity more than your girlfriend/boyfriend. Which is a great thing.  So keep the sex thing aside (you can’t just think sexually for every woman) although you can show some intimacy with a hug/peck once in a while.   You are gonna have a more stable and ever happy life with your girl friends.
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