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Dear Readers, Should I Expose These Secrets To My Wife?

Dear Readers,
I am a fairly comfortable man financially and I run a thriving computer business. I am married, have kids and have had the occasional affair from time to time. However, some few months back I met this girl, who was then a newly appointed secretary in my friend’s office and I started what I thought would be a casual affair with her. 
But I’m now completely infatuated with her. It was a surprise when she gave me one of the best s-*x treat I’ve had in my life and s-*x with her gets better and better…
I gave my wife my word that I wouldn’t have children outside our marriage. But I have invested so much cash and emotion in this girl that I feel I shouldn’t let another man enjoy the fruits of my labour, so to speak. She is keen on having my baby.
What is stopping me really is my promise to my wife. Should I be tied to a promise I made years ago?


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  1. You shouldn’t have a baby with the girl. Like u said u r average and u already have children with ur wife. So apart from the strain ur infidelity would put on ur marital life and ur relationship with ur already existing family think of the strain having a baby outside would also put on ur economical life. U r investing so much on her on something that was meant to be a casual fling just wait till she has ur baby and see the economical strain especially if you are in a country like Nigeria where the economy has no stability at all. Do not let the present pleasure u r having prevent you from reaching ur full potential. Enjoy and the move own. INFACTUATION is NOT the same as LOVE.

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