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Why You Should Consider Dating A Calabar Girl

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Alright, I know what you all are thinking and that’s definitely one of the reasons why you should date a Calabar girl. My last writeup regarding why Yoruba Boys should be top of your list of guys to date got quite a few knocks but I guess people generally agreed they are the best (I’m one anyways!). This time around we’d be examining why you should date a Calabar girl- at least once before you’re out of the dating game and if you’re strong enough, you could wife her.

By Calabar girl, we mean our Efik, Ibibio, Anang and northern cross riverian sisters. If you’ve been lucky enough like me to roll with any girl from these tribes, you would definitely attest to some of what I’m about to say. If not, well, you’d want to go all out for one at the tail end. Come along and let’s see what makes our Calabar girls tick.

Attention And Time
Well, one of the reasons I hooked up with my Calabar babe is that she was devoted when it comes to giving you time and attention. You might say this is a false generalisation but I’ve met quite a few and dated one. Do you want a girl that will answer to every of your whim and caprice? Then you know where to get her.

Cooking Skills
If you’re seriously into native dishes especially vegetable soups, you got your answer. Almost every Calabar girl can snatch any man with a proper meal of Afang, Edikan Ikang, Akpam kuko (permit my spelling) and pounded yam, semo or any of your favorite native carbohydrate rich meal. You’re guaranteed of never going hungry if you date one and be sure that you’d add enough weight (if you’re skinny) that people would ask what your secret is.



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  1. Comment:Good news and nice to hear

  2. You are absolutely right about it and the correct spelling should be ekpan kwo kwo. That’s one of my favorite food while am in calabar and I prefer telling my calabar gf to prepare it for me rather than going to eatery…..as for the strength, the northern cross riverians have that we call them atam and guess what? You can bet me the strength will be double if you give them chance to climb. biase, ugep, obudu, and ogoja to be precise.

  3. so what about RIVERS STATE GIRLS?

  4. Omo you are correct o. They are amazing

  5. They are amazing and you are correct . I know that cause am dating one

  6. they are amazing mehn.

  7. Interesting. but I still love my yoruba girls though. When you find one to love you, you’ll be completely overwhelmed by her level of commitment.

  8. Very very very true..

  9. You are very right bro cos I used to date one as well, calabar girls like to do.

  10. Daniel Macdonald

    Hmm good to know… I haven’t tried any though

  11. Bro,na true you talk ooo…I don date like two calabar and akwa nbom girls and they are all the same!!

  12. Well… All said well.. Yoruba girls is still d best. I.e if you meet d right one. They are well mannered and not spoilt.

  13. So….If they are this special in all the points mentioned above….they screw you silly…have the strength of 10men…….why then did you leave her.

    All you who used to: why did you leave them.

  14. Ur 100 percent correct except there are more good things u ve not listed but u ve listed all correctly #am happy I married a girl from Uyo

  15. I really don’t think there’s anything spectacular you can’t find in other tribe girls aside from the native food which every tribe has and prolly the fact that they like s x which I’ll assume they are pervs cod if you don’t do them well too means your introuble my bfs ex is a calaba girl and he left her cod she wasn’t faithful trust me those girls can’t deal with long distance relationships cod they dwell on a mans love and if you ain’t there to show it to them they ain’t that faithful the girl was practically sleeping around and her love for money was huge. What I’m certain of is he won’t av left her for me if she was a better woman I think guys usually just use them and av fun with them for experience and youthful exuberance most Yoruba guys never really take them home for marriage

  16. Northern cross riverian girls are not calabar girls,they are known as atam girls!take note!
    @Becca babe,just because your Bf once dated a calabar girl who was a cheater;doesn’t mean that every girl from that part of the country is promiscuous or mean that they are typical money lovers,that chick is that chick!that’s just who she is,so stop generalizing..thank you

  17. Yes ooo.U are absolutely correct n they are lovable n caring too. As for the other one, it all depends on the person in question. A typical calabar girl is respectful n down to earth. They are good man.

  18. @ becca kindly take a chill pill i know u just jealous but I understand ur pain. Mind u just cus they call yoruba guy’s (yoruba demons) dsnt mean all yoruba guys are the same, and don’t beef cus u not better than ur bfs ex, just cause it didn’t work out with her doesn’t mean u Myt be the lucky one and don’t believe all wht ur bf said cause he might have been the cheating one while they were datin #stophatingdeary

  19. My calabar girl is everything I need in a lady, but she hate sex Nd always afraid of it. But she is endowed with everything from behaviour to caring I give her 99% and I love her so much.

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