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10 Reasons Why Most Men Prefer Village Girls

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Lagos girls are very sophisticated, approachable and good to be with, but why are Lagos men going back to the village to pick their wives? What is it about village girls that makes them potential life partners? Or is this just a fallacy?

Here are 10 reasons Lagos men go back to the village to select their spouse instead of marrying their Lagos counterparts.

1. Food

Do village girls cook better than city girls?

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men love food and no man likes to return home and not meet a well prepared meal. Village ladies have the upper hand when it comes to performing wonders in the kitchen. Those delicacies that melt a man’s heart and remind him of those nostalgic past are made real by village ladies. Every meal is likely to be a sensation and not the usual rice and bread that is adopted during bachelorhood, Lagos girls on the other hand dwell on refrigerating and microwaving food which does not give the same result. Some even order meals or drag their spouse to a restaurant. Lagos men would rather go for a home-made meal prepared with fresh ingredients and spiced with condiments rather than keep a daily date in the restaurant.

2. Attitude

Village ladies grow up with the right orientation and attitude which is what most Lagos men desire. Little attributes like saying ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ can go a long way to make a man happy. Village ladies are brought up with a drilling knowledge of respect and attitude. Lagos ladies exude behaviours that raise doubt about their attitudes and orientation and men try to avoid ladies without the right attitude.



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