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The Reasons Why Some Married Women Cheat On Their Husband

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There have been various reasons why lots of married women cheat.

Here are a few reasons….

1. Complacency Most married couples get tired of each other few months after marriage. Being always in each other’s faces and more can push many women to welcome attention from other places other than their husbands. This gradually get even the very innocent of them into what they do not want before they could realize it.

2. Lacking The Fear of God (Very Dangerous) The fear of God has its place in every relationship. A prayer-less woman who is not so conscious of God can do anything just to satisfy her inner canal desires.
3. Not Satisfied With Se.x A woman who has been around the block will find nothing spectacular about the next in line cock. She has seen her fair share and has realised that their is nothing left to explore. It however takes an understanding husband who does not mind going all the way to satisfy the s.exual desires of his woman. Ask some women why they engage in extra marital affairs and they will tell you it is because of the need for them to explore more ‘grounds’.



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