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Confused Guy Dating a Liar Needs Advice Urgently

Hello Guyz,

I need ur advice I have been dating a girl for a year and a half now I met the girl through my uncle and she happens to be his wife’s sisters daughter and he match made us, the truth is I fell completely in love with her and I feel that she is the perfect one for me.

The problem is she lies a lot  she hardly says anything that is truthful. Last year when we started going out she told me she was a virgin later when we had s*x she told me she was rap*d when she was young I believed her.

I found out she was seeing an older man I became furious and started digging deep only to discover the man is old enough to be her father. The problem is every time she lies God has a way of exposing her to me but I am badly in love with her cause she treats me like a king and takes very good care of me.

she tells me she had never met a genuine guy before and she wants us to work that she is trying so hard not to lie to me and she even told she has not slept with the man after we got serious but he calls her often and she flirts with different men. I don’t want to disappoint d family cos they already see me as her husband.

What do I do?


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One comment

  1. Husband gini, she is nt faithful, she keep lying to u and u want to marry her, even tho she was lyk dat b4 she met u and she want to b serious, she shud av stopped and let d past go. But she still cheats on u and lie. Well I wud av asked u to leave her but u can help her out by sitting her down, let her knw u knw abt everything and if she change den u av her but if nt my dear leave her cos if u marry her she will still continue and by dat tym no family wud b involve.

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