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GUYZ: These Are 6 Benefits You Get When You Marry a Plus Size ( Fat ) Women

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Many men are opting for slim women due to the image the media paints all the time, but men who date plus size women are saying, you’re missing out on something big and here are the 6 benefits you get when you date plus size women.

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1: Never Go Hungry Women with more to love have a great passion for food. They like talking about it, cooking it, baking it, frying it, eating it or dining out for it. All foodie lovers come in different shapes and sizes but some men love taking a woman out and knowing his woman will order exactly what she wants and will finish her food. Not wasting money or food! Eight times out of ten, a bigger woman knows where and how to get the food.

2: Less Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Apparently, BBW’s can be less superficial and not all about her looks/figure. They seem to not rely on their outer appearance as much in comparison to “gym bunnies”. Big beautiful girls may escape through books, writing, and hobbies. They are not afraid to laugh out loud or be funny. Many men find a BBW relies on her wit, personality, and character to keep you interested outside the bedroom.



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