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Break Up If Your Partner Shows Any Of These 8 Signs

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According to Krystle Crossman of Healthy Black Woman, it is a sad and unfortunate fact that many women are in abusive relationships. It is an even more unfortunate fact that many of them don’t realize what path the relationship is headed down until it is too late.

Crossman lists some warning signs that you may be in an abusive relationship and should get out before it gets worse:

1. When you are around other people your partner likes to humiliate you: They will call you names and degrade you in front of anyone that you meet. They do this to have dominance in the relationship. They like to destroy your self-worth so that you feel like you don’t deserve anyone better.

2. You are not allowed to make your own decisions: They decide where you go, when you go, who you are friends with, and what you are allowed to wear. You have no control over your life anymore. Your independence is gone and they control every little thing that you do.

3. When you have done something that they don’t like or are not doing something they want they will threaten you: It may be a threat of physical harm or something else such as ending the relationship. Many women pa$$ this off because they feel that they are empty threats but they often turn into real threats which they act upon.



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