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Met His Fiancee A Virgin But Got Deflowered By Another Guy


Hello friends

I have been a reader in this forum for a while now,usually see the help through advise being given to people,which made me to bring this issue here because at this point,I don’t know what exactly to tell this my guy becuase this issue is beyond me.

My friend has been dating his girlfriend for two years now,the babe is know to us(his friends) and his family as the only woman for him. It was a no se.x relationship as the girl said her virginity is her pride. My guy accepted to wait till when they get married as he truly love this babe. Last year ending, one guy moved into the compound of this girl, that was when stories entered their beautiful relationship.

To cut the long story short, recently my guy’s girlfriend that never wanted s.ex started disturbing him of s.ex, he was surprised about it, later agreed as she made him promise her to indulge in it with her. Alarm blew on the supposed day they were meant to have the se.x as he wanted to cover his white sheets because of possible blood stains, she told him blood won’t come out. He went in and blood never came out. Since then, she had been lying and swearing she was a virgin which my guy persisted she was not.

She opened up to him of recent that she lost it to the new guy in their compound who as of then almost made them to break up but was pleaded with him not to break the relationship by her aunt and some good friends of hers’.

She doesn’t have anything to do with that guy she lost it to because the issue went out of proportion then in their compound, which made my guy to start growing faith in her again upon knowing she slept with that guy in her compound few times when she cheated with him.

She recently confessed to him she knew blood won’t come out as she slept with the compound guy once before the day they had sex. The twist now is that who he met a virgin could not hold on to it for him but gave it away to another guy.he is questioning the girl’s love on how she could have done such.he still loves her but can’t say if he can trust her not to try such if eventually he marries her.she begged for forgiveness.but to be honest,I don’t know what to say to this guy.

Please, friends, your candid advise will go a long way in shaping someone’s future here as of life partner as he plans on getting married by next year ending..

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  1. Sad story, this is something have experience and believe me the lady I was dating few years back did d same thing and I discovered, she pleaded and I forgive her because I love her and I continue with d relationship but believe me it did not work out because when ever o see her I remember what she did and I use that to react to her. At long run I just have to ex fron her and move on with with my life.

  2. It’s a sad one indeed but it’s needed in order to know who we’re dealing with in life. My advice will be that your friend take his time in making a decision as he’s not ready to marry till end of next year, that’s enough time to see how events will unfold, if you’ll be able to forgive her & trust her again, also to be sure if she actually loves you the way you want, she might love you but not as much as you want & you might find someone who will just the way you want in the cause of time. Time heals everything. God might be doing you a favour in disguise. I pray God gives you a reason to rejoice & thank him at the end of it all.

  3. This has happened to me before. Infact like 3 times now. Before the first one i have vowed not to get married to such person and i ve kept my vow 100% . I will advice u not to continue with her. This will teach her n others close to her that promise is promise. Once u say something u keep to it. No compromise! But i hope u also stayed faithful during this period of no sex? if u didnt, then u ve no ryt to judge her. Thank you.

  4. It is a sad story though but I believe time will heal the wound. The mistake on that girls part is that she made people know about her virginity this makes her to lose it to the wrong person. It almost happen to me but thank God I was able to overcome. The guy will have to forgive her as I know it was not intentional bad guy will do anything to deflower a girl. My erlder sis could not escape this as she was pregnant the guy that promised marriage before he deflower my sis told her to go an abort the pregnancy. The boy is in 300l in one of the federal university now. So my brother forgive her it is not her fault

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