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Top 10 richest Nigerian actors – See who is number 1! (+Pics)

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There is no question that Nollywood movie industry has created a lot of opportunities for many gifted actors and actresses. A lot of people have taken these advantages to create wealth. Here we pick up the list of ten richest Nigerian Nollywood actors.


10. John Okafor (Mr Ibu)


Top Nollywood actor John Okafor, otherwise known as Mr Ibu, is considered to be one of Nigeria’s most gifted comic characters. Apart from acting Mr Ibu makes money as a football agent. He is one of the richest Nollywood actors.

9. Nonso Diobi

Nigerian actor Nonso Diobi, who was first seen in ‘Border Line’ film, shot to publicity with his role in ‘Hatred‘. He has since featured in more than 60 movies and is an ambassador for a popular telecommunication company in Nigeria.



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  2. But it is the Igbos that dominate Nollywood na @ Malls

  3. Is Richard mofe-damijo an igbo @ malls

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