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10 Signs You Are Dating A Mammy Water [MUST SEE]

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Signs you are dating a mammy water: This is for all the guys who pick up random girls on the streets without knowing anything about them.

Here’s how to know if you are sharing your bed with a mammy water:

– You picked her up from the street or some other random place. Maybe she was even standing in front of an uncompleted building.

– You don’t know her surname. She told you her name is “Just Julie”.

– She agreed to sleep with you on the very first day, in fact she moved into your house, no questions asked.

– She never gets tired. She can pound yam, fry garri, grind pepper with a stone and still have s*x with you when she finishes.



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  1. If fishes behave like that is it not better to date dem….Abeg e I date a sea girl and I know she is and I love her dieeee.

  2. I dey look for fish girl o wey I no go dey give money

  3. Lmaooo @ton ????????????????????????????????

  4. He be like say I go look for one sea girl, she no go too give headache……

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