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See What His Boss Told His Fiancée During A Job Interview

I just received a shocking info from my friend. He is working in one of the best company in Cross River State with a salary scale of 350k.

He recently proposed to his girlfriend whom he has dated for five years now.
His fiancée had an interview today in the same company, after the interview the MD (who her fiance reports to) told her that she has passed the interview but she has to choose between these two things: either to sleep with him and get the job or refuse and lose the job with her fiance being sacked! ( note: the MD knows the lady to be his employee’s wife to be)

My guy is confused and he wants to confront the MD.

This is a true story

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  1. This is ridiculous. Anyways my opinion is that he should pray so God can change the mind of his MD to have a rethink. To get a Job in this country NO BE BEANS O!

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