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Nigerian Woman Finds Out Her Husband Is Taking A Second Wife. Her Response Will Definately Shock You


Yesterday, a Nigerian woman named Fatima Lamido who tweets at @Hajia_Fateetook to Twitter to announce that her husband was taking a second wife today and begged her followers to pray for the union.Shortly after, people reacted to the tweet, some saying it was unbelievable that a Nigerian wife could be so humble about the issue, others saying she was an example of a good wife and a virtuous woman.

See Tweets below

@Hajia_Fatee may Allah bless the union. U are a brave woman

— Jeeddah Yahaya (@IAM_HAUWAYAHAYA) October 22, 2015

@Hajia_Fatee imagine!!!…..besT wife ever….wish every womens were u — cyrus D virus (@mahmouddbm) October 22, 2015

@Queseysey @Hajia_Fatee Bless U Hajia, May Allah increase u in patience, wisdom, endurance and Strength!…????

— The Naanah (@naphlaw) October 22, 2015

@Hajia_Fatee I salute ur courage Madam may God give us life partner like u. Allah ya sanya albarka ya kuma nisance ku da shaidan amin.

— Ahmad Usman (@AhmedAboki) October 22, 2015

@Hajia_Fatee wow, may God bless their union and increase you in wisdom and faith. I’m impressed by your level of understanding.

— Moshood ! (@muchman16) October 22, 2015

@Hajia_Fatee hajia your tweet has been on my mind all day. I pray Allah give us wives like you & strengthen our imaan. God bless ur marriage

— Sir Bants-A-Lot (@Muhd_Babba) October 22, 2015

@Muhd_Babba she is just covering her pain. No woman is happy abt that. All the same U are a matured Africa woman & may God be ur strength.

— Senatorbimbola (@senatorbimbola1) October 22, 2015


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