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My Hubby Says He’s Done With Me, He Married Me Just For S*x

Our society is getting rotten by the day, especially in major cities. People no longer respect marriage as a revered institution. Why should anyone go into marriage with a stupid short-term plan? Read below:

My husband told me two nights ago, that he wanted a divorce out of the blues. I asked him what he was talking about, and he said that he only wanted to get married so that he could experience the rush of having affairs. He said that by the end of our honeymoon which lasted 5 days, he had already had an affair with another woman.

He said now that he is older, the rush has worn off, and that he is ready to move on and find a real relationship. I nearly fainted during this conversation.

He said he is sorry that I am taking it so hard, and that I shouldn’t stress it because as he put it, I am still young enough to find another man.

I feel like i’m in a dream, and this is a nightmare. I have no idea what is real. I have isolated myself from everyone. I am lost…

– A distress wife


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  1. this is a very delicate matter,when it comes to issues like this hearing from both sides helps a lot,naturally men are attracted the physical side of women,if either your pretty,beautiful,busty,curvy,have big ass,your slim or your fat e.t.c
    woman are a variety the problem about things like this is,everyone gets tired of everything not only women in marriages, truth me is not easy waking up seeing the same person everyday,in my opinion 90% of marriages in nigeria have survived divorce not because they don’t want to divorce,because of there kids,and partial because of God,but kids is the reason why a man puts up with a woman and a man puts up with a man,even if he didn’t divorce you,a time would come when he won’t even sleep with you anymore,my advice to you is look for someone that is ready to see it to the end with you,trust me if you find a man today he would tell you I love you,lets get married,ask him how he truly feels about you 10years from then and listen to his response, I believe men that stay,true and faithful to there wives are men that fear God,if not for the fear of God a lot of men would cheat and disrespect there wives,as I always tell people the foundation of every relationship is what the relationship stands on,if the foundation of a relationship is money when the money goes the relationship is over,if is beauty,when the beauty is over,if is sex,everyone gets tired after a while of having sex with the same person over and over again,you have to love a woman inside,out and fear God to remain faithful,im sorry about what your going through,im sure people have gone through worse God would heal your heart and give you another man.

  2. Thats crazy……..kill him

  3. Kill the bastard

  4. We live in a world where we can only control ourselves. We have no jurisdiction or control over humans especially in a relationship and yes even marriage. Consider it a new chapter in your life that has already begun and always remember to be grateful for what ever it is you have and don’t stay upset for too long. Don’t worry be happy. I hope this was helpful. Best wishes

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