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Checkout the 2 types of P£n is men have. [20+ Only]

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Men of now-adays love and take pride their pen*is size and their ability to please their women.

But even more than men can ever love their peni*ses, the women who indeed, in the real sense of it, ‘own’ and ‘need’ it.

Many a man has been left in search of a bigger pen*is just to please a woman while many women have also moved on to another man because they were not satisfied with the pen*is they last had.

But do people know the types of peni ses?

There are two kinds of peni* ses — the ‘Grower’ and the ‘Shower’.

1. The grower pen*is: just likes its name implies, expands and gets longer as it gets erect. What this means is that, if it was 5 inches before stimulated, it might get as long as 7-8 inches after getting fully erect. Someone who seemed to have a small penis might end up getting too long for comfort after erection. So guys with tiny penises should confirm first – they might end up getting bigger, if they own a grower pen*is.



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