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The Young Guy I’m Sleeping With Has Just Disgraced Me

A while back, I got together with a 28-year-old guy I met through a friend. He’s a very good-looking man and the s*x was mind-blowing. I am 39 and married with three children.
It was my friend through whom I met this guy that told me he would soon be getting married. As you can imagine, I was devastated.
When I asked him, he simply cut off all contact with me. I’m really hurting. How could he do that to me?
– by Monalisa
Below is Bunmi’s response to Monalisa…

What has this toy-boy of yours done to you that you haven’t done to him? He was only having fun, dating a woman years older than he is, and so were you.

Or, did you think any permanent relationship could come off it? If you are serious about this fling, it means something is seriously wrong with your marriage and you need to address this urgently.

The truth is the truth, either you like it or not.

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