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Is this Stupidity?? See Photos of How Female Graduate Was Looking For Job In Abuja


This female graduate was spotted on Thursday, November 12, in Abuja walking from the National Assembly complex to Federal Secretariat searching for an employment.

The lady was seen holding a carbon paper where “Am a graduate, I need a job. Nigerians help me” and her phone number was written on it.

The desperate young lady and her act triggered mixed reactions among Nigerians. While some people wished her good luck, others criticized her and noticed that she was illiterate.

“The situation is that bad… There ain’t jobs for the youths out there.. The government should do something about it,” Glowy shoe wrote.

“So thoughtful of her… How I wish she was in Lagos because Lagos is pretty fair in gettig jobs compare to Abuja. I wish her all the best and may her heart desires come to pass,” Royal Priesthood wished her.

“I’m a graduate, not AM a graduate. Isn’t it shameful how most ‘graduates’ in Nigeria do not know the difference between I’m and am? 

“By the way, I need a job, not “I need job”. Madam graduate, it’s a fiercely competitive labour market out there. At this rate, you might stand a better chance of getting ‘job’ by putting your School Cert forward and downplaying your ‘graduate’ status,”  Hedonistic wrote.

“I will pass the info to Buhari. I believe he won’t call you unemployable because he has never been a member of the PDP like Amechi that publicly declared that most Nigerian youths that fought for the mandate are unemployable,”  Victorels noted.

“HELP, not HELp, MY not My, since she’s using only upper case letters. Wow! People do pay attention to details like these. How would she write an application letter correctly?” AQO wondered.

Some people even recalled that a Nigerian guy in the UK tried to find a job in a similar way.

“Well, desperate time calls for desperate actions… I remember a guy who tried the same thing in UK, got a job through that means. Good luck to her!” Kaka wished to the young lady.

“A Nigerian guy tried this in UK and it worked wonders for him. A Nigerian girl is replicating same act here in the capital city, I hope it does for her too.”

Lets Know Your Views ….Is She Wise or foolish for doing this


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