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9ice Finally Admits -Toni Payne NEVER Cheated On Me [Read Statement]

 As Toni Payne recently took to social media to show love to her ex-husband 9ice, the singer has finally addressed those cheating rumours in a statement posted on his social media accounts and website.This comes 6 years after she was dragged,insulted for allegedly cheating on him.He has even acknowledged the song “Once beaten twice shy” wasn’t about her..He wrote

It has come to my attention that sometime this week some people were up to some mischief harassing Toni Payne regarding an evil FALSE rumor that was spread years ago. I would like to use this opportunity to state categorically that the song Once Bitten Twice shy was not and can never be about Toni Payne. I have NEVER accused her or told anybody that she cheated on me because she DID NOT. It did not happen and it was never an issue. Let me be very clear. Toni Payne NEVER cheated on me. Some marriages do not work for different reasons.

Unfortunately I released my album at a very delicate time in our relationship and a song from the album was taken the wrong way and things were blown out of proportion due to my silence.
I have apologized to her in person and she has accepted my apology. I have moved on to a fresh start and she has moved on too. I would appreciate if the general public do the same.

“I would appreciate if people refrain from insulting or harassing her for something she is not guilty of”
Once again, the song Once Bitten Twice Shy was NEVER about TONI PAYNE. It was just a song. I wish I had come out sooner but I cannot change the past, I can only try and make amends for the future.
It is a new dawn for us all and I hope this closes the topic permanently. If it does not, maybe it is best I release a song clarifying this issue for the 100th time because what started all this was a song and all my effort to clear that air via press interviews have been futile. This is why I am coming here to say it personally. I assure you, I will stop at nothing to make sure this evil rumor is put to sleep once and for all. Again It was never my intention to cause her pain. My apologies to everyone who was affected. God Bless!

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