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For The Ladies – These Are The 4 Types Of Guys You Should Not Play ‘Hard-To-Get’ With

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There is always this misconception among our young Nigerian ladies of today that playing ‘hard to get’ is the sure way of identifying a guy who truly desires and cherishes them. This notion is not only fallacious, it also stands on a sinking foundation! There are guys who would play along with you to the end just to ‘get down with you’ and eventually show you the EXIT SIGN when it is time for them to take a leave  It doesn’t matter the method you use in playing the so-called ‘hard to get’. If you like, do it in a Chinese style or Zimbabwean style!!! Dat nor be dia concern!!!

On a serious note, that a guy doesn’t have time to start running after you like a kindergaten child doesn’t mean he never desired you or liked you in sincerity. Different strokes for different folks, they say  Below are the types of guys that find it difficult to tolerate ‘hard to get’ in romantic affairs:

1) Intelligent guys

These set of guys find it difficult to tolerate all the unnecessary rigmarole that comes with a lady playing hard-to-get. Do you think an intelligent person doesn’t know he is?  You cannot be the one to tell him; he knows it. He probably has some real brain-storming stuffs to do that can create wealth and help others as well other than chasing you up and down the road or calling your line several times without any response on daily basis!


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