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“Keep Calm & Believe In Change; It Will Come” – Dance Queen Kaffy Writes


You Are a Hero!! You Are Nigeria!!

As a nation we are constantly going through discomfort mostly from d lack of the most basic needs as a people of a great nation; BUT against all d odds around us, I see survivors everyday, I still see achievers, dream chasers for a better life a better tomorrow.

A lot has been done to us to tear us apart but what we are made of individually is for ever keeping us together \. We are special people made strong and here we are living together for our motherland.

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Change will come!!!

If you are out there still moving on,still going to work, still thriving without crime, you are a hero as what we are facing now can drive a nation to chaos.

Keep being positive; keep being strong.

The government doesn’t make us, we make the government.

We are the reason there is still Naija. Our pledge is to the inhabitants of our country, our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.

We shall overcome.

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