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I Don’t Like The Way My Husband Is Handling Me In Bed

I love making love with my husband but he’s not very good at picking up on what I like and don’t like in bed. He’s great at touching but only does it for about two minutes and then moves on to action.

I enjoy his touchings a lot and try to sort of give him signals to continue for longer but he doesn’t seem to pick up on the hint at all. And sometimes he could be very rough in action.

I’m too shy to come right out and tell him what I want and don’t want during s*x.

But I’m starting to feel resentful about him missing all the signals I’m sending him. What should I do?

– A married lady sent this message to Aunty Bunmi by mail. Read the reply she got below:

Naturally, many men don’t listen when their partners speak to them with signals during bedroom acts. But before you go screaming at your husband, you’ve got to make sure you’ve been as clear as you think you can be.

You said you are too shy to voice your needs, but I don’t think you have a choice here.

The next time you and your husband are on it, and he does something you like or enjoy just tell him softly, “Honey, that feels fantastic! I love it when you do it that way.”

Such words are encouraging, so he’ll most likely adjust to make you more happy.

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