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Top 4 most beautiful cities in Nigeria – Do You Agree?

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Coconut richness at Lekki Leisure lake

Nigeria…there’s no other place like it on the continent. Its dynamic people reveal a layer of history preserved through rich traditions handed down over time, and its breathtaking landscape couldn’t be more diverse. With an eclectic mix of wild and modern, its cities, both urban and regional alike showcase a kaleidoscope of civilization as intriguing as the ancestors that tilled its earth to yield great fruit.

Some say beauty lies in the eye of the smitten. To the wanderer seeking rest in an ever busy world, Jovago.com, Africas largest hotel booking portal reveals the 5 most beautiful cities in Nigeria they can call home.


  1. Victoria Island

Victoria Island, the land of rich and famous, is a medley of high-rise buildings and majestic lakes. This elegant nest surrounded by blue-ocean, with a bustling cultural heritage and a high standard of living tops the show with its transformative grandeur, world-class affinity for entertainment, art, and alluring café culture.

For a land that experiences summer all-year-round, dozens of fairy-tale out-door sports mark the existence of its people. Jet skiing, kayaking, go-kart racing are a few activities that make for memorable open-air pursuits.


  1. Abuja

Abuja celebrates its magnificent past with stunning rock formations around the seat of the Presidency. Fabulous marble palazzos and vast expanse of land yet untapped are an investors dream. The Usman Dam lakes oozes timeless sophistication with its postcard-landscape and coral-coloured seascape.

Some cities are full of artificial architectural wonders, others have nature on their side. Abuja toes the fine line on each side of the turf, offering nomads a wealth of natural splendour along with a fascinating affiliation to West Africa’s most powerful government.

Quirky huts stand side by side with contemporary façade designs along the compelling streets of Maitama, and romantic national parks resplendent with rare flora and fauna dot the central sphere of the country. It’s exquisite mix of quaintness, blue waters, and high-end hedonism, give this place an aura of the most driven city in Nigeria.



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