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I’m Tired Of Being A Virgin, Please assist Me! – frustrated 21-yr-old lady Cries Out


Nigerian lady who is 21-years old has cried out regarding the disappointment she is currently facing with guys for being a v*rgin.

A female who’s not able to discover s*x due to her virginity has written to Joro Olumofin to search for an alternative approach to the hassle that’s deterring her from knowing a man

read her post below:-


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  1. Sammy ure a fool…if u don’t know what to say keep shut…my dear try doing it urself until it’s wide enough for a dick….

  2. Try apply cream any time u put ya finger .start with the smaller one little by little it will open .

  3. My dear if you want to enjoy sexy don’t do it yourself bcz it will go a long pain than using a dick to open the face……….

  4. My sister don’t listen to all this, your boyfriend should be patient enough to understand it’s not easy losing ones virginity (???? it’s quite easy for the guys) anyways he shouldn’t get angry at the fact that it’s painful rather he should read up and know how to make it less painfully for you. Because there is no way there won’t be pain but the pain can be reduced.

  5. If u have the fear of God u won’t be in a haste to disvirgin after staying this long for 21yrs?why not keep ur focus on ur career and God and finish it till the end by trying to get married!

  6. What you probably have is Vaginismus or smthng like that.

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