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Am I Overreacting? A Guy Poked My Girlfriend’s Bre8st

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Hi Date360 Readers,
My girlfriend didn’t want to admit this to me because she was afraid of how I may react but she felt I should know.

She was sitting on these bleachers with her friend jasmine and this guy and I guess they were having conversation when he asked a weird question he says “I know you have a boyfriend but forget about him for a second if you had to have s8x with any 2 guys who would they be?,” she felt uncomfortable and said she didn’t want to answer he kept pestering her so she made up 2 names. The guy then proceeds to say I would f8ck you (talking to my girlfriend), and his girlfriends best friend. (He has a girlfriend) the next day he says he changes his mind saying he wouldn’t f8ck his girlfriends best friend but he’d still f8ck my girlfriend. Later that day she pinched his n1pple (I still don’t know why) so he poked her b8ob which she was very uncomfortable with he proceeded to do this a few times after that time and she told him to stop because she was clearly uncomfortable and her friend yelled at him.

I’m pretty pissed off about the whole thing he’s touching her and telling her he wants to f8ck her. I want to kick his a2s.

She doesn’t want me to freak out she doesn’t want me to do anything but she agreed if he touches her again I get to do something about it

What do I do? Am I over-reacting?

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  1. Sure, u overreacting….wait till he pokes something in her…yeye question *hisses*

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