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I Caught Him Fondling My 8 Months Old Baby’s V*gina

I didn’t know that Mark was a pedophile until last week when I caught him fondling the genitalia of our 8 month old daughter. I screamed on sighting him, then he withdrew his hand quickly and walked out of the room. I took my baby to the inner room and discovered some red patches all over her after a thorough scrutiny.
I’ve felt very cold all this while, I no longer feel safe in my marriage as I fear for the future of our children. only God knows whether he also molests our two year old daughter. 

Pls other mothers out there, have u experienced a similar event in ur family? Do u think there’s a solution to this problem outside praying and fasting? I have seen occasions where a father impregnated his own daughter.
I want to keep my marriage, but I dnt know if I’ll be harming my daughters if I continue living in the same house with a pedophile. i no longer feel my daughters are safe.
Pls if u know any practical measures I can take to keep my daughters safe do tell me. I dnt know if this is part of the worse I vowed to endure on the day of our wedding. I can’t bear to imagine my innocent girls being exposed prematurely to s*x by any adult, and worse still their own father.

First you must ask yourself what is more important to you. Your daughters sanity and safety or your own happiness.  Any man who has pedophilic tendencies should be kept very far away from innocent kids. Report him to the right authorities or divorce him and site his behaviour in court.

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