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5 Strange Nigerian Laws You Didn’t Know About

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Nigeria, we hail thee! Many people think Nigeria is a lawless place.

On the contrary, Nigeria has many laws. Nigerians are not just very good at obeying laws. You have to force them. Or threaten them with arrests or fines before Nigerians start observing laws.

Every country in this world has strange laws that raise eyebrows in other places. For instance, a dirty car will attract a hefty fine in Russia. Nigeria is no exception. We have a couple of strange and absurd laws you probably didn’t know:

1. The Illegal colour law

nigerian-soldiersHave you ever seen a private car painted the colour commonly known as “army green”? I bet you haven’t. This is because it is illegal in Nigeria for a private car to be painted army green. Plus everyone is scared of soldiers disfiguring their expensive army green rides and also their faces.


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