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Barcelona Star, Luis Suarez Reveals The Club He Hates Playing Against


Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has revealed the club he hates playing against, which happens to be the rugged Athletico Madrid

Luis Suarez who joined Barcelona two seasons ago immediately became a fan-favourite has he performance exceptionally for the Catalan giants, last season he scored an unbelievable 59 goals and assisted 16 times helping Barca to another successful Spanish La Liga title.

However, the Uruguayan has disclosed the team that he despises playing against, Suarez said: “I’ll tell you that there’s nothing that thrills me less than playing against Atlético. They’re so annoying. There’s Godin, who is a nuisance, he’s always there next to me. He annoys me a lot, but I do that to him too.”

The Athletico Madrid defence has attracted some level of criticisms from top players in the past as a number of Bayern Munich stars also disclosed their unhappiness with Athletico’s style after their champions league semi-final defeat last season.

But it appears the Athleti side will continue to stick with their predominant style which has brought them to fore on the European scene in recent years.

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