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MUST READ: 7 Types Of Girls You Shouldn’t Date If You Don’t Want To Die

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There are certain types of women you do not want to date and doing so would amount to making the worst mistake in your life. Even though you feel you could love none other at the moment than that girl who falls into any of the under listed categories, take some advice and find a cure for your love before it buries you underneath a truckload of crap!

These set of girls are so hot, they can burn:

1. Your best friend’s sister

This rarely goes well, be it in Nollywood, Hollywood or real life. To the girls it is not a big deal to go out with their brother’s friend, but guys remember, it is not a good idea, and make sure you do not allow the ladies folks lure you into such a relationship.

Guys, your friend does not want you close to his sister probably because he knows your mode of operation and he does not want his sister to become a name in your hall of fame. Besides that, would it not be awkward for you to start sharing relationship details with your girlfriend’s brother

Remember, if you are really serious, talk to your friend about it first. And even if he approves, accept the possibility of losing that friendship. You win the girl and lose a friend

Worst case scenario, you break her heart and you get into a fight with your best friend, you lose the girl and a friend.



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