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7 Main Reasons You’re Still Single

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single-girlStop pretending that you’re footloose and fancy-free; it is time for some ruthless stocktaking

1. You’re waiting for the perfect guy(and he ain’t coming)

Ok, we all are harboring that secret wish for the perfect guy. But he ain’t coming. Stop slobbering over unrealistic dreams. It’s wasting your time, and you could well be missing crucial opportunities
Corrective measures: Get real. Stop daydreaming

2. You have issues with intimacy

This can go either way. Either you’re too shy, or you’re too eager. Not even going as far as a kiss or holding hands gives your date/potential lover the sign that you’re not interested. On the other hand, jumping on your date is sheer desperation. Balance your carnal urges and find the right algorithm between lust and caution.
Corrective measures: Learn to trust and to let go too.

3. You ghost on people

You’ve been single for so long that there is a sense of detachment and self-sufficiency. But ghosting on dates (without a legitimate reason) gives out a signal that you’re fickle, you’re flaky, you’re inexperienced in starting and ending matters of the heart.
Corrective measures: Keep communication channels open, unless you’re being stalked.


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