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7 Main Reasons You’re Still Single

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singleblackgirl4. You’re ‘happy’ to be single

The ladies’ night cosmopolitans are best seen on TV. Stop consuming them in reality. Or that raucous boys’ night out at some godforsaken pub must be hilarious every once in a while. But at no point should you kid yourself that it beats the real thing: being in a serious relationship. Most people who say that they’re happy to be single are lying. Don’t be one of them. Truth is good for the soul.you’re unhappy. You need someone.find someone.
Corrective measures:
It’s rather simple, start dating.

5. You like your old monk and soda, alone

In the course of being single, have you also begun enjoying your own company a little too much? If so, it’s a problem. But do take the initiative to still be in the game. If invited by friends, make the effort to go out.
Corrective measures: (Most) people don’t bite. Circulate.

6. You’re married to the job

Nothing can be worse than hiding behind your job to fill the void. By all means, be a careerist, but don’t let that come at the cost of your love life. Please use your work colleagues to introduce you to potential dates.
Corrective measures: Find a balance between work and personal life.

7. Your friends are cooler than your dates

Of course, it is lovely to have a set of cool, intelligent best friends forevers. But is it ironically also scuppering your hopes for finding love? Sometimes, we’re so sorted socially that we don’t look further afield. Don’t dump your besties, but start socializing in different spaces, by which you can find interesting people.
Corrective measures: Friends don’t make up for the lack of a partner. Split your social calendar to accommodate both.

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