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7 Ways To Know Whether Your Man Is A Player Or Not

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Player in relationshipSo single ladies, how do you tell if he is around you just to get under your panties or he is actually in tge relationship for a long haul. Here are 7 ways to know your boyfriend aint playing you……

1. He pays attention to all that you say and makes wise decisions when it comes to you

A honest and loyal man believes that his future and yours are equally important and your well-being is more important than his, he will take cautious when he thinks about you and will leave no chance for problems.

2. He will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world

It isn’t only about your physical beauty, even in your pajamas or getting ready for a big party your man would always believe that you are the prettiest woman he knows. Your man would admire you for your inner beauty and he would tell you how good of a person you are both inside and out.

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