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7 Things That Matter Less Than You Think In A Relationship

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Choosing a romantic partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life. (Or not choosing one ― we see you, single-by-choice people!)

While it’s important to be selective, experts agree that there are some qualities that are less crucial than most people think. Below, they share eight of them.

1. Your partner fits your “type.”

At this point, you know your physical type: dark hair, tall, tattooed ― hey, you can’t help what you like. Still, don’t be so quick to swipe left on people who don’t fit that profile. Looks change over time anyway.

You really just need to consider your partner cute enough. Think about it this way: A person can have a very happy relationship with someone who is fine enough looking and kind and probably less so with a partner who is gorgeous and nasty. Beauty that matters can be found within.

2. You share the same interests and hobbies.

Dating someone who loves sci-fi movies and camping as much as you do is fun, but your interests don’t have to align completely for the two of you to last.
They aren’t the glue that holds a relationship together over time. Shared values around money, commitment and children are more important than hobbies and sports. A common interest in hobbies are icing on the cake, but that genuine connection could be lurking below the surface.



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