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20 Used Cars To Avoid [BE WARNED]

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18. Kia Sedona

2012- Kia Sedona 1 [2 ]

Another minivan on the list, the Kia Sedona was Kia’s attempt at getting a taste of the minivan market. The Sedona received decent marks from critics who praised the large interior and performance, although fuel economy was a bit on the low side. The Sedona doesn’t have much in the way of reliability unfortunately, as the Consumer Reports lists the vehicle as below average or well below average for all of the model years. The worst model years for the Sedona are 2002 and 2006, with 2012 close behind. Electrical problems top the list of issues, with airbags system failures, and body/paint problems ranking high as well. The suspension is also reported to have components prematurely fail and fuel system issues are common as well.


17. Dodge Nitro

2008 Dodge Nitro

The Dodge Nitro is a subpar entry into the already crowded SUV market. It doesn’t offer anything new or better than the competition, so it has no reason to stand out among its peers. The interior is smaller than others in its class, and the plastics used are cheap and tacky. The handling is rigid and the performance and fuel economy are lackluster. The Nitro was offered with a 4×4 package, and it did perform well off road, but when buying one used be aware that the vehicle may have been abused while off-roading. The 2008-2009 models had a high center of gravity, which earned them a 3 out of 5 star rating in rollover protection. Many owners complain in forums about transmission problems, as well as fuel system and climate control issues.

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