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From May 1, DStv and GOtv Subscribers will Pay More, See The New Price Subscription Rates

Just less than two years after Nigerians threatened to boycott MultiChoice Nigeria over 20% subscription hike, the owners of DStv and GOtv, have yet again, increased their subscription rates by 5% with effect from May 1, 2017.

John Ugbe, managing director of Multichoice Nigeria, in a statement, defended its latest action, saying the adjustment was made after careful consideration and a review of its business operations.

“We announced last year that we would do everything possible to hold the price barring any extreme factors.

“However, all our content is purchased in dollars and although we have done everything possible to hold the prices even with the price of everything else going up, we are now left with no choice but to adjust our subscription prices from May 1.

“Our key priority is to put subscribers’ needs at the heart of everything we do and therefore, in determining the price adjustment, we took into account many factors including, the impact on the customer, current inflation which stands at 19 per cent, programming costs and efficiencies within the company. Please be assured that we have worked really hard to keep this year’s fees manageable.”

Under the new price regime, the DStv monthly subscriptions are;

1. DStv premium bouquet, which is N13,980 will be N14,700

2. Compact Plus DStv subscribers will pay N9,900 as against the current N9,420

3. Compact subscribers will pay N6,300 instead of the normal N6,000.

4. Family bouquet subscribers will now be charged N3,800 as against the N3,600

5. Access bouquet would be N1,900 and not N1,800.

6. Commercial bouquet, which is currently N1,720, has been adjusted to N1,850.

The new rates for GOtv subscriptions are;

1. GOtv Value will now pay N1,300 instead of N1,200

2. GOtv Lite bouquets will pay N450, against the current rates of N400

3. GOtv Plus subscribers will have to pay N1,900 instead of the current rate of N1,800.

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