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7 things to do If your N*de pictures have gone viral

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It is a new world order where technology rules everything we do. This why smartphones are very important in our lives and we do all sorts of things with it.

Some people go as far as sharing n*de pictures with their trusted boyfriends. For others, they may mistakenly share the nudes online or hackers may take advantage of their phone’s insecurity to hack their phones or computer and splash the pix all over the internet.

And before you flip your fingers, the pix have gone viral and may have been viewed or clicked thousands of times. This can be very embarrassing and can lead to depression and then suicide.

You do not have to go down this route. Jumia Travel , the leading online travel agency discuss the things to do if your nude pix appears online.

Get rid of all your gadgets

Perhaps this should be the first thing you should do. Get rid of your smartphones and gadgets. This is because the more you see the pictures, the more you will get infuriated and depressed.

Keep yourself in company of close friends

Never be alone in this type of situation. You will be very vulnerable and you may hurt yourself. You should call your close friends or loved ones to come stay with you or you leave your home to go stay with them. However, do not reach out to friends who will judge you.



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