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5 S*x Problems You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About

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Many people are plagued with numerous sexual problems. However, experts have revealed that men who experience some of these five problems should not kill themselves with worry.

We probably worry about certain bedroom issues a lot more than we should. But distinguishing between problems that are no big deal and ones that can eventually derail your s*x life is a tricky business.
Here, s*x therapists list some of the commonest worries people have about their sex lives that aren’t worthy of your worrying.
1. He loses his erection: If a spouse loses his erection, many women feel it’s because they’re not attractive enough or that they’re doing something wrong in bed. But that’s not the case.
Clinical sexologist, Dr. Dawn Michael, says the issue may have to do with performance anxiety. In other words, the man is afraid he might not please you in bed and goes limp because of the fear.
So, encourage him to focus his energy on pleasing you, and it will relieve the pressure on him.
2. Inability to reach orgasm: There are plenty of things that can temporarily prevent an orgasm — stress, an argument, or hormonal fluctuations.
The way round it is to engage in longer foreplay to give yourselves longer time to unwind.


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