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10 Unbelievable health benefit of S£X that will make you crave more!

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Well, for one, s*x feels good and it’s a lot of fun for consenting adults. Besides that, having s*x regularly can not only make you feel good and closer to your partner, but also physically healthier. Many scientific studies have found a loving relationship, physical touch and passionate sex can bring health benefits, such as lower blood pressure. In fact, anything that exercises your heart is considered good for you, including sex.
Here are 10 surprising benefits of having s*x that might make you crave more: 

1.   It gives you a radiant, youthful glow.

A study conducted at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland gathered a panel of judges and asked them to view participants through a one-way mirror and then guess their ages. Participants who were enjoying lots of s*x with a steady partner (on average four times a week) were perceived to be seven to 12 years younger than their actual age. Why? Because they had a radiant, more youthful glow about them. Regular s*x does this for you: it promotes the release of hormones like estrogen and testosterone, which help keep your body looking young and vital.

2.   It improves your fitness.

Yep, sex counts as exercise. According to a 2010 study published in The American Journal of Cardiology, sexual activity is comparable to a modest workout on a treadmill. A good romp keeps your body fit and can burn anywhere from 85 to 250 calories, depending on the length and vigor of the session. Not only will an all-night pleasurefest workout your ticker, but also workout your back, butt and thigh muscles. Breaking a sweat in bed as you thrust during sex can also help sculpt your abs and ensure you are physically fit and ready for the day.



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