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Hushpuppi shades Phyno, Ice Prince.. mocks them for wearing fake watches

Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big Boy, Hushpuppi is once again in the news.. This time, not in a fight with Davido, neither is he flaunting his how much he spent in a club.

But then, He thew shades at singers, Ice Prince Zamani and Phyno, and accused them of wearing fake wristwatches, but they complain about people buying pirated copies of their music.

He wrote on Snapchat; “#IcePrinceZamani #Phyno #PatekPhilippe!!! I won’t say more than that!!! If you don’t want people to patronize pirated copy of your work, don’t patronize pirated copy of other’s work. #Hypocrites”

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  1. If you people have invested one-ten of the money you lavish on material things, to affect the lives of poor people or create employment not only will the country and your conscience be at peace but you will be affecting the lives of million of people positively and you will forever be remembered for it. And the country will be a better place for you and I.
    Mind you, I’m referring to everyone of you in general, who lavish money on worthless things, instead of using it for the betterment or something that could help in the growth of the society. Just imagine adults having issues over who buys the most expensive watch, drives the most flashy cars, buy the most expensive wine, and who spends more on clubs and women nonsense.

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