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Actress, Dakore Egbuson To Donate Her Eyes To The Blind

Actress Dakore Egbuson has made a really heart-warming promise.

The beautiful actress has donated her cornea (in advance) to the blind.

Popular Nigerian actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, has promised she is willing to donate her cornea to the blind when she dies. The mother of two announced this yesterday through her Instagram page.

In the precise post, she said;

“I pledged my cornea to Eye bank of Nigeria, and what that means is when I leave this earth I willingly donate my cornea to help give the gift of sight especially as I would no longer be needing it…”

Then she proceeded to ask fans about their opinions. “What are your views on this and becoming a donor in general?

“I would really appreciate your kind feedback so we can start the conversation…will you be willing to do it for a loved one or a stranger?

“How do you SEE it? Factors that prevent most people from doing this is fear but of what exactly?” she asked

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