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Segun wire goes back to begging on the street, Zlatan Ibile called out for using & dumping him

Segun Wire became popular on Social Media after a viral video where he said he wants to become a “Yahoo Boy” when he grows up went viral on Social Media.

Segun who was begging on the streets was then interviewed on the streets, and the video became an instant hit.

An Instagram page @Segun_wire was immediately opened for the young boy, followed by some videos of him doing comedy skits on the page.

Pictures of Segun looking good, in expensive cars, clothes, haircut were also shared on the page, which led many to believe Segun is living well.

A picture of Segun in school uniform came online, with reports claiming he started school…

Now, a social media user, oreinlofty, who stumbled on Segun on the streets begging again, has called out Segun’s purported benefactor, Zlatan, for using the boy just to make money, and abandoning him back to the streets.

“Zlatan IBILE na bastard, so na FAKE LIFE him dey make this boy live on INSTAGRAM???!! I met the innocent boy HOVERING on STREET and his Street friends confirmed it.

Zlatan IBILE is only using the boy for his personal pocket… The poor boy looks dirty and unkempt on STREET. Begging for common food to eat from people on STREET…

I actually gave him little change from what I’ve got!! I swear this is not fair on the boy and his family, his elder brother looked the same, confirming it that @zlatan_ibile only comes from time to time to carry him away whenever he needs him to make money, money he won’t share with him (segun) at the end.

So if people think this @segun_wire boy is living a life of GLAMOUR I swear you are f*cking mistakes!! Shout out to all those bastards that make people think they are helping the helpless through the social media while in real life, it’s all BULLSHIT”

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