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See photo of Nigerian man who rejected girlfriend’s proposal in Lagos, and why he did it

The Nigerian man who rejected his girlfriend’s proposal is a married man

The Nigerian man who rejected his girlfriend’s proposal at Ikeja City Mall did that because he is a married man!

The lady knelt down in the mall and proposed to her man, he was shocked and surprised, he stalled for some time then whispered something into her ear and walked away.

The woman who was obviously embarrassed then got up and broke down in tears, as her friends consoled her.

A facebook user, Christy Glo who claims to be a friend to the lady has revealed the alleged reason for the man’s action. She wrote;

“This lady is actually my friend but not close friends and we just spoke on phone… She said the reason she cried bitterly after her boyfriend rejected her marriage proposal in public was dat when he came close and whispered into her ears, he actually said he was already married. My question is why are men dis wicked and heartless? Tufiakwa!”

See photo of Nigerian man who rejected girlfriend's proposal in Lagos, and why he did it Lailasnews 1

A clearer photo of the man has also emerged, and it shows him wearing same top he wore on the day of the embarrassing incident. See below…

Meanwhile, a lady rejected marriage proposal two weeks ago from her boyfriend of 10 years because he couldn’t prove to her how the marriage will enhance her life.

A Twitter user who claims to be a friend of the lady tweeted;

“My friend turned down a marriage proposal last week. She has been dating the guy for almost 10yrs and according to her she is perfectly fine with her life. She will only consider marriage if her BF can prove it will enhance her life and make it better. Dude could not. ?

Instead he has gotten both his and her family to try and pressure her but she won’t budge. He has tried begging, manipulating, threatening but she is not moved.

Being independent gives you hella choices

I am so in awe.

i find it interesting that no one has even asked why the guy waited 10yrs to finally deem her worthy to be his wife.

But lets carry on attacking a woman for wanting to protect her happy”

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