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“Avoid Smoked Fish, Roasted Corn & Plantain If You Want To Live Long” – Expert says

For Nigerians to defeat non communicable diseases and live long, they must avoid excessive or continuous intake of smoked fish, roasted corn, roasted plantain and other enticing, but unhealthy foods, the Managing Director, Integrated Medical Centre, Dr. Damilola Familoni has said. She notes that though these were hard to resist …

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Be Very Careful: These are Shockingly Easy Ways You Can Catch an STI Even Without Having S*x

It has been revealed that a s*xually transmitted infection can be gotten without actually having s*x. These are some of the ways it can transmitted. Illustrative photo You don’t even have to take your clothes off to get a s*xually transmitted infection. Technically it’s possible to catch an STI without …

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