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The 6 Most Gang Infested Cities in America – See The Number 1 Most Dangerous City in U.S.A

It is estimated that over 1.5 million people are members of the roughly 35,000 different gangs operating in the United States. Among those gangs are street gangs, both on the national and local level, outlaw motorcycle gangs, prison gangs, gangs affiliated with organized crime, and gangs made up solely based …

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Be Very Careful: These are Shockingly Easy Ways You Can Catch an STI Even Without Having S*x

It has been revealed that a s*xually transmitted infection can be gotten without actually having s*x. These are some of the ways it can transmitted. Illustrative photo You don’t even have to take your clothes off to get a s*xually transmitted infection. Technically it’s possible to catch an STI without …

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Meet The 10 Most Powerful Kings in Nigeria – SEE WHO IS NUMBER. 1 (Photos)

Although practicing a presidential system of government, the important roles played by  the monarchs to the development of their societies and Nigeria as a whole cannot be overlooked. We take a look at 10 most powerful Nigerian monarchs that are currently on a throne. 10 Olubadan of Ibadan: The title Olubadan means “Lord …

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