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See The Luxurious Lifestyle Of The Son Of Equatorial Guinea President – Pictures And Video

Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue was made Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President and security chief by his father, the President of Equatorial Guinea. He is on trial in Paris for living lavishly off public funds. The 47-year-old son of Africa’s longest serving dictator displays his life of luxury on his Instagram account using …

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Man Claims His P*nis ‘Shrunk’ After Giving Stranger Directions In Lagos Island (Photos)

What was supposed to turn out a normal day at popular Jankara market in Lagos Island ended with an unidentified man ‘missing’ several inches of his manhood after he gave a stranger directions. According to Goldmyne TV, there was commotion in the market yesterday after a fracas ensued between the …

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