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Your WhatsApp Chats Never Actually Get Deleted – Security Expert Says

Facebook-owned WhatsApp rolled out end-to-end encryption, the popular messaging platform ensured users that their chats are secured from any unwanted third-party attention. In fact, WhatsApp joined the league of very few chat apps that offer complete end-to-end encryption. However, a new revelation by security expert has again put a question …

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Google Adds ‘Fact Check’ Feature To News Articles [READ DETAILS]

Google is adding “fact check” tags to its news articles, introducing the feature amid a US presidential race roiled by heated disputes over the accuracy of information. The move, announced Thursday, will allow readers on Google news applications and websites to click on links to check facts where claims have …

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MUST READ: How To Protect Your ATM Card Against Phishing

As electronic payment culture gradually gains transaction in the country, so also is e-payment fraud on the rise. “That is the reason consumers have more responsibility to safeguard their details from phishing and social engineering attackers”, says Mr Dipo Fatokun, the Director of Banking and Payments System Department of the Central …

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Instagram Launches Tool That Automatically Blocks Abusive Comments [HOW TO USE THE FEATURE]

Instagram has launched a new feature designed to stop trolls posting nasty comments on your photos. The Facebook-owned company today launched a “keyword moderation tool” that automatically blocks comments that contain certain keywords. You can either create your own list words that you consider offensive or inappropriate, or use default …

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Here Are The List Of Phones That Will Not Support Whatsapp Anymore From 31st Dec 2016 [SEE]

As part of effort in bringing better services to their esteem customers, Whatsapp have decided to announce December 31st 2016 as the end date of supporting some types of phone. Whatsapp which is the most popular messaging application platform used by almost 90 percent of smartphone users in the world …

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