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Activists Shutdown London Airport, Halt Deportation of Nigerians, Ghanaians (Photos)

The mass deportation of Nigeria and Ghanaian citizens by British authorities, on Wednesday, took a dramatic turn as activists shutdown the airport where some were seen lying on the tarmac choosing death instead of returning home. Activists in London have prevented the mass deportation of Nigerians and Ghanaians who failed …

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‘What the f**k does she have to do to win Album of the Year?” – Adele On Beyonce’s Lemonade Album

Adele breaks her Grammys 2017 Album of the Year award plaque into two, acknowledging Beyonce as more deserving of the award. Adele won Album of the Year, a keenly contested category that had Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, Justin Bieber’s “Purpose”, and Sturgill Simpson’s “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth”. In what was likened …

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“My Mom Taught Me How To Eat P*ssy” – Anthony Anderson [WATCH]

Everyone has stories that they’d be better off keeping to themselves. Anthony Anderson’s story about how his own mother taught him how to properly ‘eat p*ssy’ is definitely one of those stories. Unfortunately for Anthony, he told the awkward story on ‘Conan.’ “My mother taught me how to go downtown,” …

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