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5 Basic Signs Of Ovulation That Shows You Are Fertile.


Ovulation is a phase in a woman’s Menstrual Cycle that naturally occurs on the 14th day of the 28-day cycle.

Ovulation means releasing of new eggs from the ovaries. When these eggs are released, they are moved to the fallopian tube where they are fertilized if they come in contact with sperm.

But if these new eggs do not get fertilized within a certain time your body will get rid of it through menstruation.

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Ovulation lasts between 4-5 days which means that you are fertile when you are ovulating and the best time to try to get pregnant is when you are ovulating.

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But the question is how will you know when you are ovulating.


Signs and symptoms of ovulation

When you are ovulating the physical signs you will notice include the following:

1. Increased Body        Temperature:

This is referred to “as a woman being in heat”. When you are not doing anything your temperature should be normal but, ovulation will make your body temperature increase even when you are idle.
The best time to check your body temperature to know whether you are ovulating is in the morning. If your body temperature increases above normal, then you are ovulating.

2. Tender Breasts:

A lot of women experience tenderness when they are about to have their periods and this will cause them to feel slight pain or discomfort when they touch their breast.
When you feel this tenderness after your period it is a sign that you are ovulating.

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Therefore, it is important to note the difference between premenstrual breast tenderness and ovulation breast tenderness so that you don’t mistake one for the other.

3. Pain:

Most women notice pain halfway through their menstrual cycle (10-14 into your cycle).
This is a sign that you are ovulating and you are very fertile. Therefore,if you are trying to conceive, this is the best time to have intercourse.

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However, a lot of women have their ovulation without even feeling any form of pain. While some women feel pain during their ovulation.

4. Increased Cervical Mucus:

During ovulating your body will start producing more cervical mucus or discharges that are more transparent, slippery, and elastic than the usual normal discharge .
When you begin to experience this, it means you are ovulating and fertile.

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5. An Increased Desire or urge For sex:

Women who are ovulating tend have an increased urge for sex. Most times, when a woman is ovulating, she can also look more attractive and her hips may become more flexible before and during ovulation.

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