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8 benefits of family planning/birth control methods: reasons to plan for your family.


In this article we are going to learn the following:

  • What is family planning?

  • What is birth control method?

  • What are the benefits of family planning and birth control methods?


What is family planning?

Family planning method is a method used by husband and wife or couples to determine the number of children they want to give birth to and when they want them.

What is birth control method?

Birth control method on the other hand is referred to as the method used to prevent a woman from getting pregnant for as long as she wishes.

With the help of family planning and birth control methods, a lot of parents have been able to decide to have fewer children so that they can afford to cater for their feeding, clothing, housing,and most importantly, education and medical care.


Apart from these, there are other benefits of family planning and birth control methods you should know.


Benefits of family planning/ birth control methods.

1.Family planning prevents unwanted pregnancy, thereby avoiding the danger of illegal abortions.

If a woman gets pregnant exactly when she wishes, the issues unwanted pregnancy will be totally avoided and there will be no need for illegal abortions and the danger that comes with it will be eliminated.

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2. Family planning ensures good health care and quality education for the children:

You can agree with me that with the help of family planning and birth control methods, parents are able to ensure that the fewer children they have get quality education and proper health care.

3. Birth control methods and family planning reduce maternal death rate usually caused by frequency of pregnancy:

Research has shown that a good number of maternal deaths are caused by the frequency of pregnancy. 

This inversely means that if the frequency of pregnancy and conception is reduced, the rate of maternal death is reduced too.

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4. Adequate Nutritional care of the children is ensured:

I think this is self explanatory, if you have fewer children , you will find it easier to feed them well.

5. Family planning eliminates child dumping:

This is the main cause of motherless babies. Most people dump their children when they can’t cater for them.

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  1. It allows breastfeeding for longer period:

This allows the baby to grow Well and be  healthy. This also helps the baby to be strong and avoid infections and diseases.

  1. Family planning / birth control methods allow the mother to regain her strength after child birth:

This gives the mother more time  to attend to the baby and therefore avails her time to care for the entire family.

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  1. Family planning / birth control methods prevent population explosion:

 A well planned family leads to a well planned population. And a well planned population helps the government in providing social amenities, educational and health care facilities that could be enjoyed by all citizens.

Without family planning/birth control methods, the population of a nation can rise indiscriminately and may not be able to match available food and other resources. 

This is one of the benefits of family planning to the nation. Apart from its benefits to the children and parents.

 In summary, it should be noted that family planning/ birth control methods are centered on prevention of unwanted pregnancy rather than termination of life.

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