How To Make Distance Relationships Work

Hi, have you ever wondered what attracts the opposite sex together? Is it love? Feelings? Or something else?

Well, the truth is that it is neither love nor feelings. It is something else!

Love or feelings does not come by chance. Really, something brings about love for someone. There is always something that triggers or makes you fall in love or have feelings for someone of the opposite sex. So, what is the cause of your attraction to your soulmate? Do well to leave your answer in the comment box.

Questions many people ask are: Does distance relationship work? What are some problems with distance relationships? What are the dos and don’ts in distance relationships? Below are the answers to these questions and more!

Does a distance relationship work?

You see, it’s very rare to find a soulmate from one’s household. Maybe by just very 1% of it is real. 99.01% of people find their lovers elsewhere. This means that it seems virtually everyone who was or who has been in a relationship was or is in a distance relationship as long as they both aren’t from the same family circle or live in the same household.

Yet, every day, people are getting married to their heartthrobs and celebrating the journey of their love life. Distance relationship works!

How to make distance relationships work.

  • Communication. This is the lubricant that makes the engine of love work for as long as lovers are still together. Even when your suitor lives next door or next street to you and there is no communication between you both, sorry dear, that relationship isn’t gonna work. It is very far from reality!
  • Reassurance. Marriage doesn’t take place the very moment two people get attracted to each other or fall in love with each other. The usual thing is to give it time and enjoy the feelings they have for each other grow so strong to the point they could become almost inseparable. Assuring your lover from time to time that you are still there will keep you both together no matter the distance between both of you.
  • Are the feelings for your lover still there? Of course every day you come across other people of opposite s*x who are interested in you. You see these ones every day all around you but there is no other room to love or accept them. Your feelings are for someone else and it keeps growing stronger for him or her despite the fact that both of you are distant apart.
  • Keep the love growing for each other. Because love is the foundation on which a relationship is built, the only thing that can keep it alive whether for those in distance relationships or not is to keep the love growing.
  • Regular communication. The first point we mentioned says communication. But just communication is never enough. It has to be very regular but we can’t tell you how often it should be for you. This is because everyone doesn’t rate things in the same way. While some people feel good about communicating with their lovers once, others prefer to hear from their heartthrob more than once a day and yet, there are some who are comfortable with once-a-week communication. The most important thing in communication with your lover is to always have a rich, naughty talk with him or her!
  • Visitation. If you are in a true and serious relationship, the reality of things makes it mandatory that you or your friend visits you once in a while to refresh your memory and thought with him and quench your emotional desire to see him. Yes, we said visitation, not cohabitation!

What should you not do in a distance relationship?

  • Do I have to show him my nudity in video calls? No, you don’t have to do that silly expensive thing. A lot of desperate girls have done this to their so-called suitors only to lose them as soon as it was done. Real and serious men don’t go for loose chaps. And no man who cherishes you would like to have you mess yourself up for any reason. But how could you even think of doing a thing like this when you are far away from him? Don’t you think he would believe that is what you do with other men in there with you since you can’t keep chaste?
  • Don’t demand from him s*x whenever you get in touch with him on phone calls. A man who knows he can’t satisfy your s*xual or even any needs would think you would get it somewhere else even if you didn’t.
  • Don’t pretend you are comfortable with your distance relationship. If you pretend that you are okay with both of you being distant apart, you are telling him it doesn’t matter if you both are not together. Then I ask: ”What is your purpose for being in a relationship?

Long-distance relationship problem

In as much as a distance relationship works when rules are followed, there are still problems associated with a long relationship. Take a look at the points below:

  • It is said that men love what they see while women love what they hear right? That is very true! When your man does not see you around him from time to time, it looks to him like there is nothing really going on between both of you. In fact, men like to see their women sit with them while they talk. You know they like to feel the softness of their partners’ hands right?
  • Distrust. To be in a distance relationship means you do not have 100% truth of what your partner says or does. Blind trust is what exists in a distance relationship and any man who does not trust you because he can’t verify your actions or movement due to distance issues may not take your relationship with him seriously.
  • The inability to get the satisfaction of what you want from your partner is also another problem with a distance relationship! There is nothing bad if you need some kisses from your partner and you get it in one minute’s time! But you see, you can never have anything close to it if you are in a distance relationship.

In conclusion, it is true and very true that distance relationship works. It is also very true that distance relationship has many challenges and problems.

However, whether one is in a distance relationship or not, everyone has the responsibility to make his or her relationship work!

Trust the man or woman your heart longs for and do not let anything of distance become a barrier to you!!!

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