My Boyfriend Is Going To Break up With Me Again? What Should I do?

Nice question! And I believe this is a good question because to be before warned they say is to before harmed.

People who run to relationship counselors early enough do by 80% save themselves of many pains. ”My boyfriend is going to break up with me again? What should I do?”

So how did you know that your boyfriend is going to break up with you again? Wait a moment, this is not the first time you would be experiencing heartbreak and probably not the second time from the same boyfriend. Your boyfriend had broken up with you at some points before and you could see him trying to go into that path again. Well done!

This simply means, he is trying to do the same thing to you over and over again just in the same manner he started the other. Frankly speaking, something really fishy is wrong somewhere you people have not fixed and that is why you are yet to experience the same shipwreck with the same boyfriend.

Obviously, you accepted this boyfriend of yours back to the relationship without addressing former issues and setting things right with him. But why? You were so desperate, and you thought any waste of time to accept him would make him change his mind to you right? You also thought that everything would be fine as soon as you both are back in a relationship eh? But hey, things don’t work that way my dear lady!

You don’t run away from today’s problems and it disappears into the thin air tomorrow. When matters surface and it does not get solved, the reality of it is that it will rest and wait for you tomorrow, either in multiples or in plurals.

Don’t ever beg your man or boyfriend to stay in a relationship he doesn’t want to be into! Doing so is making him wask stronger wings that would make him fly away.   In a relationship, it always takes two to tango, and two hearts to beat as one! Anything short of this law of nature breaches it and makes lovers fall and tear into pieces.

My boyfriend is going to break up with me again? What should I do? Well, nothing much should you do in this case to keep a man who wants to leave for good. Beg him and he would see himself very important. Sacrifice for him and he would see you looking very stupid. Pretend you cannot see him losing out of the relationship and he would see you as very senseless!! These are what one could get by giving attention to a boyfriend who doesn’t want to stay.

You see, you need to understand you are in a relationship and not in marriage. If you at the stage of ‘relationship’ would beg a man to stay what would you do if he is in marriage with you? Remember, affairs and matters in the relationship level are lighter and simpler to handle than it is in marriage. If you notice that your boyfriend is about to break up with you, ooh you are very fortunate to notice it. Begin to feel less concerned too. In fact, try to feel more indifferent about it than he would. Then the result is that he would be the one to ask ”what is happening and why you are behaving the way you do!!  

In everything, do well your own part and let what would be, be!!!  

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